Sliding Bedroom Doors in West Derby

Sliding Bedroom Doors in West DerbySliding bedroom doors in West Derby are key to utilising every inch of space in our fitted bedroom designs. We design our built-in furnishings to make the most of your available space without cluttering the floor plan. If you can’t open the cupboard door because the bed takes up part of the needed space, a slider is the solution. If you have to close the dresser drawer to reach into your closet, your wardrobe needs a slider. Our bedrooms are designed with built-in furnishings that function efficiently, providing storage to accommodate your many kinds of belongings. While function is a priority we’ve found it combines beautifully with our luxurious custom made furniture styles. We have many from which to choose in wood tones, lacquered and painted.

Perhaps the words custom and luxurious cause you think our fitted bedroom closets and cabinetry isn’t affordable. Yet, in West Derby, sliding bedroom doors built to match purpose built closets and furnishings are constructed on site and in our shop. There’s no retail middlemen when we buy materials or when you buy our built-in furniture.  We can do so much with even a small space and sliding bedroom doors are a great asset. Mirrored sliding doors make the space look so much larger and lighter while performing double duty. Beauty, comfort and efficiency in any sized space can be achieved when our designers go to work for you.

Sliding bedroom doors in West Derby built and installed by Carina Kitchens and Bedrooms operate solidly and smoothly. Perfect balance is achieved with durable materials and weighted doors. Our doors don’t get off track or wobble like the flimsy sliding doors you may have seen elsewhere. Contact Carina Kitchens and Bedrooms and let us give you a free, no obligation quote on your custom bedroom design with sliding bedroom doors. Free standing tables and dressers with free swing closet doors wastes space you could be using and also clutters the room. Such rooms are also difficult to clean. The storage they offer is minimal for the space they take up. Our bedrooms allow you to organise your belongings just the way you want them.

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