Mirrored Fitted Wardrobes in West Derby – the Right Choice for Your Room

Mirrored Fitted Wardrobes in West Derby Installing mirrored fitted wardrobes in West Derby visually increases the dimensions of your bedroom. They give the illusion of space, and your room looks larger than it actually is. This is a great choice for smaller bedrooms. Fitted wardrobes are more sleek, contemporary and efficient. Adding mirrors to the sliding doors is the best way to optimise every inch of area. Our design team can help you to make the most of the available space in your bedroom. We understand the space constraints of modern living. Larger spaces are difficult to fit within your budget, may be unsuitable for your needs and expensive to maintain. This is the main reason why fitted furniture has gained popularity.

For your bedroom in West Derby, mirrored fitted wardrobes come with a wide range of interior designs too. You can have different sections for dividers, drawers and hangers. Storage area can also be fitted into the wardrobe design. You will need a mirror to dress anyway, so this is a smarter way to utilise the area. With sliding doors on your wardrobes, you get easier access. You don’t have to worry about leaving enough space to open hinged doors. Mirrored wardrobes blend well with most interior décor styles. If you place them opposite a window with a view, this gives you a double benefit. Mirrors reflect light, making your room brighter and more cheerful. We spend time with you to understand your taste, preferences and life-style. This gives us an idea about what your requirements could be.

Mirrored fitted wardrobes in West Derby can be personalised for sizing. You can choose the number of doors, drawers and shelves you want. We offer bespoke solutions for all your bedroom and kitchen interiors. Whatever the space available, we’re glad to take up the challenge and come up with creative solutions. Contact Carina Kitchens and Bedrooms for more information on our services. We are glad to give the right advice and assistance. We are a family-run, local business with a passion to create unique, functional and beautiful living spaces. Our clientele extends throughout the North West of the UK.

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