Sliding Wardrobes in Walton

Sliding wardrobes in WaltonSliding wardrobes in Walton is one way to save space in a bedroom. Space is wasted by a door opening out. At Carina Kitchens and Bedrooms, we can build them floor to ceiling and wall to wall if you desire. If your room has angled wall and ceiling junctions, we can make the sliding wardrobes look as if they were built with the house. That is what we do. We build custom furnishings for kitchen, bedrooms and offices that fit the spaces you have. Our beautiful designs and finishes make use of every inch of space for maximum storage. You may have seen sliding doors that wobble on their tracks, fall off the track or just will not glide smoothly. Carina Kitchen and Bedrooms build sliding wardrobes that are precision made of quality components by master craftsmen.

Fitting too large furnishings into a small room can be frustrating. In Walton, sliding wardrobes will free up space and make the small room appear larger. In fact, rather than trying to make old furniture fit in a new room, consider built in furnishings. Working out from the bed, storage cabinetry, wardrobes, drawers and shelving can be installed along walls and around windows. You will have more storage than you ever dreamed, Beautiful finished wood built-ins will surround the room with a rich warmth. Because the windows are clear of furniture and except for the bed, floor space is open, your room will feel spacious and uncluttered.

You may be thinking that sliding wardrobes in Walton would be very nice but custom furnishings are not within your budget limits. You might be surprised. Carina Kitchen and Bedrooms is a small family owned business. We have a free planning and design service, experienced fitters and our craftsmen manufacture our products in our own factory. We do it all from one location and that eliminates several middle-men which saves our customers money. Contact Carina Kitchens and Bedrooms for more information about sliding wardrobes. With the help of our designers, create a 3-D design of your room. Get your free estimate and get started on the room of your dreams. You will love having windows free of bulky furniture, wardrobe doors that quietly glide and a place for everything.

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