Sliding Wardrobes in Heswall

Sliding wardrobes in HeswallSliding wardrobes in Heswall are a great space saving idea. They also give your bedroom instant style, character and charm. If you room is very small mirrors on the sliding doors can make the room appear spacious and bright. There is not much one can do about a small bedroom unless you can afford extensions to your home but with some clever rearrangements by our design team you can have all the space you need. Our wardrobes come in a wide variety of materials and colours. Wood is the most popular and we have a wide range of wood finishes for the bedroom. We can also build in desks or vanities as well as headboards for your bed so that the entire bedroom matches.

When you do not have the space for doors in your bedroom in Heswall, sliding wardrobes can allow you as much storage as you could wish for. The sliding doors allow for maximum space to be used for wardrobes as there are no doors that open so they can be built in around the room. When you have doors that open there always has to be space left to open them. With sliding doors the wardrobes effectively become the walls of your bedroom. With the wardrobes reaching the ceiling you have all the extra space you need and a polished look to your room.

Sliding wardrobes in Heswall can double the amount of space in your room. For more information about sliding wardrobes, contact Carina Kitchens and Bedrooms today and see how we can redesign your room. Our sliding wardrobe doors come in a large range of shapes and sizes and we can fit them to any wardrobe you have. Your bedroom is the place where you can relax after a stressful day at work. You need a luxurious well appointed bedroom to create your own special relaxation area. We help you to realise your dream and in the process will ensure that you have as much storage space to help de-clutter your home.

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