Bespoke Fitted Bedroom Furniture in Aigburth.

Bespoke Fitted Bedroom Furniture in Aigburth. Bespoke fitted bedroom furniture in Aigburth can put an end to family arguments. Mum yells for kids to put their things away; a place for everything and everything in its place. Kids wonder exactly where that place is but they dare not ask. They throw it under the bed, stuff it in an already stuffed drawer or hide it in the back of the cluttered cupboard. Couples sharing a room usually have to share a dresser and a cupboard and likely one of the two encroaches on the other’s space; by a lot. If you don’t want to come home to find all your stuff dumped outside the bedroom door, call us at Carina Kitchens and Bedrooms. We have the solution but it might require you to think differently about the arrangement of bedroom furnishings.

Carina Kitchens and Bedrooms builds fine built in cabinetry, shelving and closets that maximise the use of room space. In Aigburth, bespoke fitted bedroom furniture is available in modern, traditional, wood grain, painted, mirrored and anything else you prefer. So often the arrangement of bedroom furniture is based on positioning the bed for easy to access from either side. You hope there will be room for at least one night stand and it’s going on your side of the bed. Bespoke fitted bedrooms build the headboard and nightstands around your bed. The headboard itself can be designed to contain storage and blend into nightstands on both sides of the bed. You gain more convenient storage in less space.

Your next worry is windows but no fear; bespoke fitted bedroom furniture in Aigburth builds up, around and under windows. If you think there is no room for bookcases, shelving and cabinets you should see what we do with the space around windows. Dressers take up a lot of floor space and leave a lot unused. Built in storage for clothing and accessories can go floor to ceiling and wall to wall with ample closet space at the centre. No windows are blocked. Unlike free-standing furniture, built-ins offer more storage, look gorgeous and leave open floor space. Everything is fitted together so no moving heavy furniture to clean. Contact us for an appointment and let us show you in your own home how beautifully we utilise square footage. You will see that Carina Kitchens and bedrooms have a better way.

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