Sliding Bedroom Doors in Aigburth

Sliding Bedroom Doors in AigburthIf you are looking to install sliding bedroom doors in Aigburth, Carina Kitchens and Bedrooms is a family run business that specialises in the design, supply and installation of kitchen and bedroom furniture. The company covers the North West of the UK, and has built a reputation for high-quality workmanship and unmatched customer service. In fact, most of the company’s new clients stem from recommendations. They can provide you with a new kitchen, home study or bedroom, or a complete remodeling. From the very beginning of a project, you will work with the expert staff at Carina to come up with your ideal design.

In Aigburth, sliding bedroom doors from Carina Kitchens and Bedrooms are ideal, particularly if you have a small bedroom with limited space.  As the door is mounted on a track, it opens horizontally, so it does not need the space in which to swing outwards as a typical door would. The company strives to provide a personalised service and tailored product, which ensures that the client will receive precisely what he is looking for. All of this is done at a competitive price. The in-house manufacturing process cuts out the middle-man, reducing costs and allowing for a personalised service. The sliding doors are made to measure, and are designed and installed by highly experienced professionals.

Carina Kitchens and Bedrooms offers a  range of sliding bedroom doors in Aigburth. Your bedroom will be transformed into a much more relaxed and personal space by the company’s experienced designers. You can also benefit from their advice, which can help you reduce clutter and maximise the amount of storage space available. If you want to find out more about sliding bedroom doors, contact Carina Kitchens and Bedrooms today.

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