Fitted Bedroom Specialist in Formby

Fitted Bedroom Specialist in FormbyYou will believe in magic when you see the change that our fitted bedroom specialist in Formby can work on your bedroom. However, Carina Kitchens and Bedrooms are not magicians. We are gifted designers and artisans able to create custom designed bedroom furnishing just for you. Our built-in bedroom furnishings offer the most efficient use of space possible. Not only do our built-ins provide more storage in the same space, but the design frees up floor space as well. Now you are able to add an easy chair to your bedroom making the room a spacious retreat. Maybe you just want floor space to spread your yoga mat. Our built-ins allow you to put an end to clutter in a beautiful way with eye pleasing designs to suit.

In Formby, fitted bedroom specialists solve a typical big bedroom problem – the wall space around windows. Freestanding bedroom chests and dressers come in standard sizes. The space between your windows and the space between windows and walls does not. You have to make do by half blocking a window with a dresser or angling a chest across a corner. The furniture is bulky and awkward. Cleaning under and around the chests is difficult because they are too heavy to move. The area on each side of the furniture goes to waste because nothing of use will fit in the small space; not even the vacuum head.

Add value to your home and organised beauty to your life with the fitted bedroom specialist in Formby, Carina Kitchens and Bedrooms. We have so many designs from which to choose. Huge mirrored doors, rich woods and soft paint colours are some of the features in our vast selection of designs.  Choose one design and modify or change it for your ideal look. There are hundreds of ways to make it yours. We offer a no-obligation design consultation in your home. Feel free to explore the many possibilities available within your budget. Your fitted bedroom shells will be precision cut, manufactured and assembled in our own factory. That saves you money because there are no intermediaries. We do everything from consultation, design, manufacturing and installation in -house. Then, we guarantee your satisfaction with the finished product. Contact Carina Kitchens and Bedrooms for an expert fitted bedroom specialist.

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