Built in Wardrobes in Wallasey

Built in Wardrobes in WallaseyWhether you’re renovating or constructing, built in wardrobes in Wallasey are a great space-saving option. At Carina Kitchens and Bedrooms, we offer a wide and exciting range of designs, styles, materials to suit your preferences, space-limitations and budget. Built in wardrobes are a relatively new addition to interior design concepts. Earlier, storage options for clothing, footwear, and accessories were constructed separately in dressing rooms, where they were contained in free standing cupboards, dressers, or closets. However, today, no modern home is without bedrooms that have fitted wardrobes built into the main area. Based on the amount of space available and your storage needs, we create bespoke options just for you.

We ensure that every inch of space, from floor to ceiling, is used in the most optimum way possible. In Wallasey built in wardrobes help to maximise the storage space and minimise the clutter in your bedroom. One great advantage of built in wardrobes is that they can be designed to easily take up any wasted space in your room – be it an awkward spot under a sloping roof, part of a corridor or bathroom, or a hard-to-reach corner. We offer a beautiful range of colours and textures, ranging from classical dark walnut, charming cherry, sleek beech, elegant oak and maple to smart and glossy contemporary finishes. We work with cutting-edge technology to offer 3D CAD generated images that tell you exactly what you’re getting. The full colour perspective allows customers to virtually experience just what they’re planning to buy.

Built in wardrobes in Wallasey need not be just boring and functional – they add character and personality to your room by making a subtle but strong design statement. To find out more about our built in wardrobes, contact Carina Kitchens and Bedrooms. We also give you great tips on optimising the spatial character of your room by the judicial use of colors, mirrors and textures. We offer professional installation services apart from design and manufacture of your preferred built in wardrobes. Our workmanship and products are fully guaranteed and our many delighted customers are testimony to these. All our wardrobes are manufactured on-site in our own factory thus eliminating middle-men costs. Visit our showroom for a free design consult and estimate.

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